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M.A. Myth Cosmology & the Sacred

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This section explores my love of the Divine Feminine, from Myths of ancient Goddesses, to their traditions, history, hymns and invocations in articles, video and podcasts.



Flora, Goddess of Flowers

Flora is the ultimate goddess of flowers and blossoming, having her festival, the Floralia on 27th or 28th April and lasting five days. She is our original May Queen. Her name comes from the latin…

Vesna, Slavic Goddess of Spring

As I write this post approaching the Spring Equinox of 2022 my heart is heavy at the horror of the invasion of Ukraine, I honour their ancient deities and call upon them for their help…

The Goddess of the Hearth

At Imbolc, the beginning of February, we celebrate the fire goddesses of the hearth, where we retreat to in winter, the safety and sacredness of our own homes; much as the animals retreat and hibernate…

The Sacred Feminine

The ancient Mother Goddess arose with our evolving consciousness as the womb from which all life sprang. She was seen as the hearth fire around which all gathered for warmth and sustenance; as the cave that…

Audio Post Isis

Discussing Isis with Suzanne on the Goddess Telesummit with Kim Wilborn ( Audio.

 Audio Post Melusine

 Melusine – Suzanne Corbie Celebrate the Goddess Telesummit Audio. With thanks to


As anxiety rises with lockdown and the challenges associated with not being able to meet up with loved ones, let me introduce the goddess Beiwe to you. The Sami people turn to her to help…


Hekate The Greek Goddess Hekate is an ancient goddess, possibly originating in Asia Minor. In Hesiod, she is described as the only child of the Titan Perses, the Destroyer and Asteria, the Starry One –…