Summer Solstice Course

My Course on the Summer Solstice is now available for anyone wishing to learn about its origins and traditions and how it is celebrated across the world. There is a pdf workbook of information about flowers, herbs, Deities, incense recipe, poetry, spells and chants and a bespoke ritual and meditation for you.  And if you…

Beltane Meditation Video

Beltane Meditation   A guided meditation to a spell of enchantment by the nature spirits.

Beltane Online Course

New this month, my Wheel of the Year series of Courses, starting with Beltane and the celebration of the coming of summer. Once completed, next year,  all the festivals will be offered as a whole as well as separately for those who just want to dip in to a festival.  For now, Beltane is the…

Imbolc Course

This Online Course brings you all the tradition and folklore in an illustrated lecture on the Celtic Festival of Imbolc.  There are 21 things to do around the festival to connect with its flow, information on its legends and deities, recipes for incense, food and drink, poetry music and craft video on making a Brigid’s Cross. …

Meditation for Imbolc

A Meditation for Imbolc A meditation to connect you with the Earth Mother as she begins to awaken from her winter slumber.


A new course on the origins and traditions surrounding the pre-Christian festival of Jultid, or Yule. This course contains an illustrated talk, 21 video advent meditations, 21 things to do to prepare and create, songs, poetry, chants, ritual, meditation, myths and folklore are included. A inspiring resource for those wishing to mark this time with…

Yule Meditation

Yule meditation A guided meditation for you to help engage with the sacred time of Yule, offering the meaning of a light in darkness. Image of Stag by CLB-Raveneye Image of candle by Antanasc

Witch’s Familiars

Halloween 2023! Join me for a Witchy Evening at Treadwells Online Workshop on Witch’s Familiars! We shall explore the historical context and look at ways of acquiring one using various methods. This is part one of two, the second part , two weeks later, will explore how we develop the relationship, learn the language of…

The Samhain Course

A Witchy delight for you! A Samhain Course containing songs, poems, chants, recipes, myths, folklore, powerpoint lecture, meditation, craft ideas and a ritual to do yourself. Plus 21 days of activities to lead you to this sacred time marking the descent into winter, preparing for your celebration and integrating the knowledge. Let the broomsticks fly!