Meditation for Imbolc

A Meditation for Imbolc A meditation to connect you with the Earth Mother as she begins to awaken from her winter slumber.

Tarot for Imbolc

This is a tarot spread to help you connect with the Winter Festival of Imbolc to help us align with nature’s seasonal cycle.

The Goddess of the Hearth

At Imbolc, the beginning of February, we celebrate the fire goddesses of the hearth, where we retreat to in winter, the safety and sacredness of our own homes; much as the animals retreat and hibernate in tunnels below ground and we nurture our creativity, whilst we await the awakening of the living energy of the…

A Divination for 2024

“We are stardust, we are golden and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden” Joni Mitchell   A divination for the coming year, using Tarot, Numerology, Western and Chinese Astrology, offering advice and hopefully, inspiration for 2024, the Year of the Lion and the Star. See footnote for Credits and description of numerology…


A new course on the origins and traditions surrounding the pre-Christian festival of Jultid, or Yule. This course contains an illustrated talk, 21 video advent meditations, 21 things to do to prepare and create, songs, poetry, chants, ritual, meditation, myths and folklore are included. A inspiring resource for those wishing to mark this time with…

Yule Meditation

Yule meditation A guided meditation for you to help engage with the sacred time of Yule, offering the meaning of a light in darkness. Image of Stag by CLB-Raveneye Image of candle by Antanasc

Goddess of the Stars

In midwinter, we are better placed to view the night sky and its multitudes of stars. And so it is we look to the heavens to see the beautiful goddess Nut, the ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Stars, the cosmos, the heavens and the universe. In very ancient times, she was depicted with a waterpot,…

Yule Tarot Spread

A unique Tarot Spread to connect with the season! Twelve cards for each of the 12 days surrounding the Winter Solstice and referring to many of the Yuletide traditions. It could be a welcome engagement away from the modern distractions….

A Talk on a History of Divination & Prophecy

Weddnesday 20th December, 2023 at 7.30 pm at the Wigmore Library, Gillingham. Book early as I tend to be sold out early!  This talk focuses on a history of the practice of divination and prophecy. Following a historic trail from oracle bones, augury, necromancy and ancient oracles, via dream temples, biblical prophets, divinatory texts and…

Witch’s Familiars

Halloween 2023! Join me for a Witchy Evening at Treadwells Online Workshop on Witch’s Familiars! We shall explore the historical context and look at ways of acquiring one using various methods. This is part one of two, the second part , two weeks later, will explore how we develop the relationship, learn the language of…