Samhain Tarot Spread

Samhain Tarot Spread A Tarot Spread to connect you to the themes of Samhain, the threshold of the darker nights, the spirits of the Ancestors and our own secrets.

The Samhain Course

A Witchy delight for you! A Samhain Course containing songs, poems, chants, recipes, myths, folklore, powerpoint lecture, meditation, craft ideas and a ritual to do yourself. Plus 21 days of activities to lead you to this sacred time marking the descent into winter, preparing for your celebration and integrating the knowledge. Let the broomsticks fly!

Ancestral Meditation

Ancestral meditation A guided meditation for you to help engage with the sacred time of Samhain.

Solitary Rite for Samhain

Short or Solitary Ceremony to Honour the Ancestors at Samhain On Samhain eve (31st October), set aside a small table to represent your ancestral shrine. Place a black cloth over it with some orange candles or tealights. If you prefer, this shrine can be created outdoors.  Some bright autumn leaves can decorate.  Place images or…