A Talk on a History of Divination & Prophecy

By Suzanne Corbie

Weddnesday 20th December, 2023 at 7.30 pm at the Wigmore Library, Gillingham. Book early as I tend to be sold out early! 

This talk focuses on a history of the practice of divination and prophecy. Following a historic trail from oracle bones, augury, necromancy and ancient oracles, via dream temples, biblical prophets, divinatory texts and visionary prophets. 

Despite the vast scope of such a talk, I have endeavoured to distill my research into a talk that aims to provide knowledge, insight and some prophets and visionaries, some you may know and some you may not have heard of. 

At the end of the year and as the new year beckons, do join me in this fascinating journey from the distant past to modern practices.