Aradia, The Gospel of the Witches

By Suzanne Corbie

25 August 2021: Treadwells Online: Charles Leland’s 1899 classic Aradia, The Gospel of the Witches is an exuberant, alluring Italian text whose goddess passages have influenced modern Wiccan ideas. It also includes spells, incantations, myths and incovations allegedly from the Strega tradition and these certinly come from Italian folk magic practices of the time. Suzanne Corbie will be examining the chequered history of the Vangelo, or Gospel and analaysing the spells that came from the wtich Maddalena, and showing how participants can bring updated versions of them into their personal practice.

Time & Location

25 August, 19:00 – 21:00 – 
Online & Delayed Viewing at Treadwells online