Magickal Pathworking

By Suzanne Corbie

Tuesday 11th October at 7pm: Online talk at Treadwell on Magickal Pathworking, or the practice of imaginatively and clairvoyantly travelling on the paths of the Tree of Life, a symbol of the inner worlds central to Hermetic Qabalah, a system of magic which arose in the Italian renaissance out of, but distinct from Jewish kabbalah.

The Archetypes contained within the Sephiroth and the landscapes of the pathways between them are sources of mystical and magickal energies and can facilitate a true shift of consciousness as well as gaining a map to your inner journeying.

If you have heard of Pathworking but are unsure what it really is, this talk will help. The word Pathworking is often bandied about referring to many paths of imagination. This will explain exactly what it is, how to do one and take you from a description of what it is and how it has been used over years to facilitate making connections on the inner planes. 

Preparatory exercises will prepare us for a full pathworking in the second half of the evening.